Who’s Adi? Who am I?

Hi, if you already had a little look around my blog and clicked on the About page, and well found nothing, this is the actual post ”About me”.

First of all I’m Adi, it’s not my real name, it is short for Adrian, as you might have figured out. It is a nickname I have created for myself after moving to the UK, since all my childhood nicknames up ’till I was 12 [That’s when I moved to the UK with my parents] were always sh!t and I had a fair few of them, but never mind. I am 22 I was born in 1994 in Poland, in December [unfortunately, I hated that month when I was a teenager, all my friends would organise a bonfire and drinks on their bdays and I couldn’t].

For first 12 years of my life I lived in a little village in Poland, there was just under 100 houses there, but it was the best place to grow up, we had a little river at the end of our garden, everyone knew each other, not necessarily a good thing when it came to childhood tricks and mischief, but the sense of community was strong there and it still is. Poland up until 1989 was under communist rule, on the other side of the Berlin wall, after we were sold out to Stalin at the end of WW2, but this is a completely different topic that I will certainly write about, but what I am trying to say here Poland wasn’t and still fully isn’t a western country, it lies in the centre of Europe, and because of communism people are a little different, we have a saying ”a guest at home is a god at home”, the sense of community is still strong and every time I go to visit the time runs slower and people are not eaten up by the commerciality of everything, it is an amazing country.

Growing up in such a little village was great, when I was 5, I use to disappear for an entire day and my mum knew there is nothing bad that can happen to me, although she was really not happy about those disappearances. Well she is my mother and she still worried.

I was always a tall and skinny kid, hence one of my nicknames Eiffel, pronounced in polish Aifla, well I didn’t like this one too. When I was about 12 I gained loads of weight, but I sort of grew out of it and now I am tall, with quite a well-built body, not athletic in any way, also not fat, just well-built, saying not athletic, well it could’ve and could be but I just really don’t like sports that much.I also poses very thick and very curly hair, if I grew it, it could easily stand up in contest with black people’s afros, which is very odd to say the least since I am white… Although people seem to like my hair, or the idea of having it, I am not that happy myslef since, I can’t really do anything with it in terms of change of style.

As to my looks, well I am pretty average guy, I’m not ugly, I’m not Leo DiCaprio, somewhere in between, putting it into numbers I’m a 6, well maybe even 7 at a push, at least I think that’s what people would’ve said, personally I don’t really like the way I look, a little bit insecure about that.

But enough about looks, who am I?

Well, I am that average guy you wouldn’t really look twice at when passing on the street, but then again if that’s what you’re after, just the looks, I wouldn’t look at you once, beauty will pass, the soul is really what I’m after in a woman. I have a more old school outlook on love and relationships, this doesn’t mean I want a woman to be chained to something in the kitchen, I am pretty romantic, I love cuddles, and I am looking for a woman to be the mother of my children and be with her ’till the end. It really isn’t about the looks it is about her mindset, kindness, warmth and intelligence. I strongly believe in the division of labour, we all have our good and bad sides, we all can do somethings better than other things, for example I am a pretty good cook, so if she doesn’t like cooking I am more than happy to do this.

As to my educations, I started it in Poland and I have finished 6 grades/years in polish primary school, than I came to the UK and I have finished the secondary school with pretty good grades, so I went onto studying A-Levels in college, I have studied Business, Law, Sociology and Polish language. I think it was those two years in college that have completed my personality and especially the lessons of sociology which have taught me to look at things from many different points of view and then, and ONLY then form my opinion about the topic. After college I went onto University and studied Law with Criminology, well the course lasted three years, I was only there for two of those years, I’ll explain my reasons behind this in later posts, it is quite a long topic to discuss, but at the end I haven’t finished my higher education.

As to my beliefs, well I do not believe in any religion, I very much doubt that the almighty figure in heaven exists, I am much against the instituation of the Roman Catholic church, although I was raised as a Catholic, in Poland which is a very Catholic country. Instead I believe in myself and my life, there are some moral standards that all of us should follow, like the 10 commandments, with the exception of the 1st one. They outline how a normal, responsible person should behave not to hurt others. There is much more to what I believe hopefully you stay with me to read further posts and find out.

I think the one thing I missed to mention so far is my eye condition, retinitis pigmentosa, a deteriorating condition that leads to blindness, eventually, for now I still have my sight although it is very much limited. There is also going to be an extensive post to show you how it is to live with this condition.

In coming weeks and months I want to build this blog, and integration with Facebook and Twitter create a page on both. Also I plan to post as much as possible, I always liked the idea of a diary, but I could never motivate myself to actually write one, well I think I have now. It is going to be a great tool for future, to preserve and collect my ideas and thoughts, as well as memories, whcih seem to fade quickly enough.


I hope I will find some readers of this blog, I hope you’re going to like it, well if not tough I guess, it is still going to be here. Remember leave a comment, like the posts, follow the blog if you like it.

Thank you for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!!!


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