Hello WORLD!!! v2.0

Hi guys!

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Adi, well this is what I go by. I’m 22 and live in the UK, at least for the last 10 years, as I am Polish and I moved over here with my parents who were searching for a better life in 2007, surely enough they have made it a better life, as they are one of the most hardworking people I know. I am an average guy in the sense of looks, I am quite tall 187cm or 6ft1in. I am not Leo DiCaprio, but then again I’m not that ugly too and for a white guy I have extremely curly and thick hair if I grew it, I could totally have an epic afro, which is a bit odd for a white guy I guess. And most of all when it comes to looking, I suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, which is a genetic incurable [hopefully for now] eye condition, which destroys the destroys the receptors within the retina resulting in, well a downhill road to blindness, the receptors are destroyed from outside eventually leading to tunnel vision, just as if you were looking through the binoculars the opposite way round. At this precise moment I can still see more or less, usually a little bit less, it causes colour blindness, and many other things like being unable to recognise faces, and my distance vision is shocking, hence the name of the blog. BUT f@%k it!

I originally wanted to start this blog, to share with you the daily struggles of living with an eye condition that leads to blindness, and how bad it is that doctors can’t do anything about it, they can’t even predict how fast my vision will deteriorate. But I soon realised, that I don’t really feel that sorry for myself, and the situations I find myself in to write a whole blog about it. So the v2.0!

I just want to share with you share my life and opinions in a more or less anonymous format. Of course I am going to touch on things related to my eyes, I have to live with it and I’d like you to get a bit of a feel, of how it is, most of us don’t realise the real life impact in real life situations that conditions such as mine, or any other conditions which make you ”disabled” [<- in quotes because I don’t see myself as disabled, my eyes are just shit xD] have an enormous impact on simple every day situations, that you wouldn’t even notice in your busy life.

But also I wanna share a bit of my life with you, my opinions on different topics, spanning from politics, through religion/beliefs, to love and everyday life, I have a lot of interests and a lot of knowledge, but I’ll leave that for you to judge, but then again judgements and opinions are ONLY judgements and opinions for me I keep the distance, everyone is different so really we cannot all hold the same opinions and belifs, I certainly do not want to offend anyone, but then again if you are offended by some text on the screen, you really must take a look at yourself and ask ”is this really affecting my life that much?”.

I was never great at running a blog, the biggest problem was always posting, I just couldn’t find time to post, but this time I want to make this work. I want you to meet the real me, to see things from where I am standing, to see what’s inside without seeing the outside, I want to share with you and talk with you, hear your opinions and see the REAL you.

Just as a side note, I’d like to add that I don’t see myself as a great writer, and also please remember that English is my second language, although years spent in education in the UK have verified my English skills a little bit.

So Hello WORLD!!!

I hope we can enjoy each others company, in this different form, enjoy a discussion, who knows maybe friendship?

Welcome to my little world, welcome to my life…


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